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About me

I, Rostislav Yakiro, attorney at the Moscow Chamber of law, attorney at the Hamburg Chamber of law, founder of the “YAKIRO” community of professional practicing attorneys, lawyers and arbitration managers, whose effective long-term experience allows us to provide qualified legal assistance to commercial and non-profit organizations, and also to government departments and individuals.

I specialize in legal consulting, provide legal support for businesses to Russian and foreign citizens, legal entities operating in the Russian Federation.

Many years of practical experience, a high professional culture and uncompromising attitude in defending the interests of the client allow me to successfully solve the most complex problems.

On my site you will not find the numbers of won cases and feedback on the work.

This is strictly confidential information. Preservation of professional secrecy is expressly prescribed by paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Code of Professional Ethics of a lawyer. Upon request, personalized information can be provided.

Since 2007, one of the main areas of my activity has been participation in bankruptcy cases. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in representing the interests of debtors and creditors in bankruptcy cases. I have the experience of an arbitration manager and conducting more than 100 bankruptcy procedures for both legal entities and individuals.

Services for entrepreneurs in Germany and legal support of entrepreneurs in Russia

A special area of my activity is the provision of comprehensive legal services for individuals and entrepreneurs in Germany. I provide qualified support in the registration of companies, the establishment of branches and representative officesboth in Germany and in Russia. For entrepreneurs I will provide full support in conducting business with legal support.

My advantages

The basis of my practice is an individual approach to each client and the priority of his interests. Many years of experience and a modern approach to resolving legal issues, including the effective use of modern information technologies, allow me to cope with the most difficult cases.

I will consider your problem from all sides, treat it as a personal one, and work out the optimal strategy and tactics for achieving the assigned task. I never follow a pattern, but offer unique solutions.
I will offer a flexible result-oriented pricing system.
I always honestly talk about the prospects of your case and offer only those actions that really lead to a positive result.

Bankruptcy of legal and individuals

I have extensive practice in conducting full legal support of bankruptcy proceedings both on the side of the creditor and on the side of the debtor. I have accumulated considerable experience in developing various forms of debt restructuring, concluding amicable agreements, challenging debtor transactions and maximally satisfying creditors' claims.

Family law

Often disputes arise between family members. To come to an agreement in a peaceful and civilized way is often hindered by emotions and ignorance of legal norms. The parties to the conflict follow their own notions of morality, which may not correspond to the norms of law and laws.

It is in such a situation that the advice and assistance of a specialist - a family dispute lawyer - may be required. I use a strictly individual approach to each principal in the preparation of prenuptial agreements; we successfully take on the representation of interests in the most complex family disputes that are connected with the divorce process.

Criminal law

I, Rostislav Yakiro, will defend you on charges of crimes in the field of business and economic activity. I will provide reliable and effective legal assistance to the client both at the stage of inquiry and preliminary investigation, as well as in court proceedings, using the maximum possibilities for determining the defense strategy. I will provide protection during inspections by the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and other administrative bodies.

Tax law

I protect theinterests of my clients in all types of tax disputes. The bulk of disputes are disputes related to desk and field tax audits.

I also provide legal support to clients in appealing against other illegal actions (inaction) of tax authorities.

Corporate law and M&A

We provide a full range of services related to transactions on support of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), acquisition and sale of business and assets, including reorganization of companies, protection of the rights and interests of participants in corporate conflicts.

Specialists of our community conduct legal due diligence of companies, identify risks and prepare recommendations for their elimination or minimization.

Heritage law

I will provide protection in court in the event of a succession dispute; contestation of wills; objection to the claims of creditors; bankruptcy of inheritance property, etc.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a very extensive area, based on the results of intellectual and creative work. Within the framework of law, this area regulates the rights and obligations of authors and owners of intellectual property. These include innovations, the results of creative and research activities: from books and musical compositions to computer programs and trademarks.

I will ensure the registration and effective protection of intellectual property rights of legal entities and the goods, works and services they produce.

Assistance to former depositors of ABLV bank (Latvia)

Today we can offer a number of proven solutions for former ABLV clients, which we have repeatedly put into practice and have helped dozens of investors. Specialized lawyers will work with you, if necessary, with the involvement of an auditor, tax consultants and accountants.

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