About me

I, Rostislav Yakiro, attorney at the Moscow Chamber of law, attorney at the Hamburg Chamber of law, founder of the “YAKIRO” community of professional practicing attorneys, lawyers and arbitration managers, whose effective long-term experience allows us to provide qualified legal assistance to commercial and non-profit organizations, and also to government departments and individuals.

I specialize in legal consulting, provide legal support for businesses to Russian and foreign citizens, legal entities operating in the Russian Federation.

Many years of practical experience, a high professional culture and uncompromising attitude in defending the interests of the client allow me to successfully solve the most complex problems.

On my site you will not find the numbers of won cases and feedback on the work.

This is strictly confidential information. Preservation of professional secrecy is expressly prescribed by paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Code of Professional Ethics of a lawyer. Upon request, personalized information can be provided.

Since 2007, one of the main areas of my activity has been participation in bankruptcy cases. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in representing the interests of debtors and creditors in bankruptcy cases. I have the experience of an arbitration manager and conducting more than 100 bankruptcy procedures for both legal entities and individuals.

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You can call +7 (495) 005 7869,

121357 Moscow. Vereyskaya St. 17.
Vereyskaya Plaza II. Office 106A

Phone: +7 (495) 005 7869