Bankruptcy of legal and individuals

I have extensive practice in conducting full legal support of bankruptcy proceedings both on the side of the creditor and on the side of the debtor. I have accumulated considerable experience in developing various forms of debt restructuring, concluding amicable agreements, challenging debtor transactions and maximally satisfying creditors' claims.

Trustees who contact me in a timely manner and maintain constant contact with lawyers avoid the high costs and losses of the bankruptcy procedure.

Regardless of the complexity of the process and the stage at which you applied for legal assistance, I will minimize the negative consequences of recognizing financial insolvency. With my help, you will be able to protect yourself from threats associated with debt and minimize losses.

The bankruptcy procedure carried out by our experts will be without property and financial risks for you as a private person, and we will also save you from financial and possible criminal risks in case of bankruptcy of an enterprise. I will never get down to cases that I can’t win!

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