Corporate law and M&A

We provide a full range of services related to transactions on support of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), acquisition and sale of business and assets, including reorganization of companies, protection of the rights and interests of participants in corporate conflicts.

Specialists of our community conduct legal due diligence of companies, identify risks and prepare recommendations for their elimination or minimization.

We will provide comprehensive support to principals in the creation of joint ventures, and help to consolidate the agreements of the participants in conducting joint business.

Our cooperation with world leading law firms allows us to maintain the ability and possibility to assemble a team of professionals from various jurisdictions, which ensures the provision of highly qualified legal assistance to the client in relation to any project.

I also provide services for the creation, reorganization and liquidation of commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Effectively protect against hostile takeovers.

I will offer working methods to combat corporate fraud, raiding and blackmail.

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