Services for entrepreneurs in Germany and legal support of entrepreneurs in Russia

A special area of my activity is the provision of comprehensive legal services for individuals and entrepreneurs in Germany. I provide qualified support in the registration of companies, the establishment of branches and representative officesboth in Germany and in Russia. For entrepreneurs I will provide full support in conducting business with legal support.

I see business support in Germany not only in helping our clients to quickly solve problems that lie in our competence, but also in organizing contacts with specialists in those areas that are not among our priorities.

The potential of Germany, as the leading economy of Europe, makes many think about creating their own enterprise here. Business support in Germany plays a significant role, because entrepreneurs often face difficulties in the first steps, which are actually not difficult to overcome with the help of specialists.

Any foreign company that decides to start a business in Russia rarely has a clear idea of all the nuances of the legislation of our country. An even more complex issue is the enforcement of normative and non-normative acts and the consequences of their violation. There are two ways out: to hire a specialist in the company’s staff or turn to consulting professionals. The first option has significant disadvantages - regular salaries, narrow specialist qualifications (lawyer or accountant). The second option has practically no drawbacks, you get a full range of services - accounting, tax consulting, registration and support of a legal entity, representing interests in courts. In addition, I will offer a number of unique services:

My clients are partners, relationships with which are built for a long time. All my services are aimed at resolving issues that could jeopardize your successful entry into a new market and subsequent business development. Thus, in my person you will receive a reliable business partner for whom your success in Russia is a top priority!

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